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ATV Desert Off-Road Simulator

ATV Desert Off-Road Simulator

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ATV Desert Off-Road Simulator

The description of ATV Desert Off-Road Simulator

ATV Desert Off-Road Simulator
Quad bike Desert Simulator - drive the ATV in desert conditions!
Extreme driving through the sandy hills in the hot Sahara!
Pass various tracks and get experience points!
Discover more powerful ATVs and improve the passage time!
Set your records and compete with your friends!
Test yourself for strength under the scorching sun!

Overcome the sand dunes!
Drive through the most difficult stretches of the route!
Fight with the elements, patiently overcoming all obstacles in your path!
A powerful engine and four-wheel drive 4x4 will allow you without a doubt to challenge the most dangerous off-road!
Rush to the top speed, leaving behind a pile of dust and sand!

- Modern 3D graphics will allow you to plunge into the world of heat and sand!
- The control mechanics are close to real, which will create a sense of control of a real ATV!
- Qualitative soundtrack will give a lot of positive emotions!
- The detailed world around you will prolong your beauty for a long time!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3 and up