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Clan of Rhinos

Clan of Rhinos

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Clan of Rhinos

The description of Clan of Rhinos

✦✦✦ Build your Clan of Rhinos ✦✦✦

A young rhino awakens in the wild. He is your responsibility now. You have been chosen to take care of him and help him rebuild his lost family. Can you help him? This young rhino is last remaining member of the mythological Umkhombe Family. Possessing special magical abilities, these are not your ordinary animals. It is up to you to help him rebuild his tribe by finding new members. Since the defeat of the great Umkhombe Clan, other competing families have taken over. The ultimate goal of the game is to regain control and rule the territory again. With the right strategy and skill, victory can soon be yours!

Carefully navigate the wild safari terrain , explore crocodile infested rivers , and fight off big cats like leopard, cheetah, and lion. Defend against hyena, elephant, hippo, snake and other dangerous animal attacks in this high action animal simulator.

The game is part 3D animal simulation, part role playing game, and part adventure game. Clan of Rhinos will take you on an epic journey as you rebuild the great warrior clan, establish your home, use your magic skills, survive against enemies that attack, clash with 4 enemy clans, and ultimately defeat all 6 Super Bosses.

Enter into this wild world of both epic adventure and magic. You will unlock special magical spells as you locate various magic books. These magic abilities include: invincibility , fireball, lighting bolt, and healing . It is these magic elements that make this game unique and, we believe, best in class for animal simulator games.

Top Game Features:
✦ Part Animal Survival and part Role Playing Game
✦ Ultra Realistic Safari 3D Landscape
✦ 4 Enemy Rhinoceros Clans to defeat
✦ 6 Super Giant Bosses
✦ Dynamic weather including thunderstorms
✦ 4 Magic Spells to unlock - Fireball, Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, and Healing
✦ Dynamic Time of Day - from Sunrise to Sunset
✦ Fight against big Cats : Leopard, Cheetah, and Lion

Useful Game Tips:

1. As you defeat the bosses, more bosses will appear. All the enemies are not shown on the map in the beginning of the game. The more you play, the more enemies will appear.

2. Use the Mini Map in the top right corner of the screen to help you find things on the map. It shows the locations of clan members, bosses, magic books, and other enemies. Members - "M", Bosses "B" and Books "b".

3. Find the magic books to unlock the magical skills including: Healing, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Invincibility.

4. Earn adventure points by defeating enemies. Use these points to Upgrade your strength, stamina, and magic.

5. The Call button will call the family members when you need help against the enemies as you race across the huge Wild Safari open 3D world. This is ultimate animal simulation like you have never seen it.

6. Seek advice from your spirit guide - a ghostlike figure found near your home base.

7. The 3D graphics are in this game are very processor intensive. For best performance, try restarting your device before playing.

If you enjoy playing this game, please be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators. We understand that the game is not perfect and we welcome your constructive criticism, just email your suggestions. Or, you may post them to our Facebook page. Help us improve! Evolved is a series of games from Wild Foot. So far, the response has been great for this new series of games. Let us know what you would like to see next!

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