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4x4 Offroad Truck

4x4 Offroad Truck

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4x4 Offroad Truck

The description of 4x4 Offroad Truck

Go offroad and make some serious mess in the outdoors, blaze trails as you show who the boss at 4x4 offroad driving. Get involved in the latest 4x4 truck driving simulator where all the fun is happening!

Drive some of the best, top of the line offroading vehicles, actual real life 4x4 trucks and jeeps you can drive right here in our latest simulation game!

Why not drive up hill in a tough Hummer H1 Alpha or plow down some wooden crates in a Jeep Wrangler. Each car is incredibly detailed, designed to be just like the real thing. Our 4x4 driving simulator will give you the drive you have been waiting for.

You've been given a free pass to travel wherever you want, drive up to any of the small villages, smash and crash into all intractable objects and show them how awesome you are at offroad driving.

Explore the huge open terrain and take your jeep or truck up some steep hills. If you're feeling extra brave, why not go for the tallest mountain in the game, get some of the best views from up there.

With no micro-transactions and totally free, you can have the complete offroad driving experience all for nothing!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 +