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4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D

4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D

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4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D

The description of 4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D

4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D is a brand new open world 4x4 SUV jeep driving simulation. Drive cool offroad 4x4 vehicles on a secret woodland island, you and other petrol heads called this place 'Offroad Paradise. Perform amazing stunts, smash and bash into interactive environment objects like other cars and fences, go explore the huge offroad island paradise.

There are also hidden villages spread throughout the forest island. Cause havoc by racing fast through them, smash into everything. Experience every bump and scrape with the game's realistic vehicle damage by flipping your 4x4 SUV, driving through water, and crashing into objects and other offroad trucks.

In 4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D, you can choose from tough offroad 4x4 trucks, SUV's and cars, explore the world and drive anywhere! You have absolute freedom to go drive anywhere, rule the offroad island with your 4x4 jeep. Sounds exciting? Strap yourself in, get ready for a extreme offroad adventure in 4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2 +