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Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018

Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018

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Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018

The description of Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018

The city is in need of a professional tunnel construction company!
In Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018 you will be in charge of a big tunnel construction company, it’s your job to build a big tunnel through the rocks! We hope you don’t have a 9 till 5 mentality because this will take up some hours! Construction games were never this much fun to play! Get to work in all kind of construction games vehicles, how much fun is that!

Challenging tasks to accomplish, a tunnel is not build in one day!
Unlock all kinds of big construction simulator vehicles and it’s even possible to upgrade the construction vehicles to your likings! Tunnel construction simulator games are so much fun to play! Become the best tunnel construction company of the city and show off with your big vehicles! Ready to blast some rocks? Download this fun construction simulator right now!

Construction Games Key Features:
✔ Construct a big tunnel!
✔ Become a operator of massive machines
✔ Unlock and upgrade your vehicles
✔ Be challenged with the most challenging tasks
✔ Don’t forget to rate and give our construction games some feedback

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0 +