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Garbage Truck Driver

Garbage Truck Driver

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Garbage Truck Driver

The description of Garbage Truck Driver

If you want to clean your city ?
City Garbage Truck Driver is right game to learn how to clean a city and maintain healthy and hygienic environment. Clean up all rubbish from the city by collecting trash bin mess from different locations and reach your destination with all the garbage use dump truck to dispose trash. Drive garbage trucks around the city, following your route find and collecting garbage from route and than finally , reach dump station with all the garbage to successfully completed the level.

- Full 3D Garbage Truck simulator big city environment.
- 20 Exciting Levels.
- Beautiful Animations.
- Real cool, crazy Trucks,
- Pick and dispose trash.
- Crazy difficult tasks set in a 3D environment.
- In City Traffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+