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Ski jump challenge

Ski jump challenge

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Ski jump challenge
Ski jump challenge
Ski jump challenge

The description of Ski jump challenge

Prepare for this winter madness!

There was a Ski Jump Challenge - the first mobile game with such a game engine, dedicated to ski jumping.
It's so simple that everyone can play it, and it's so realistic that you will feel real control over the actions of your athlete!

- Create a profile of your jumper and develop his skills!
- Reach the next levels of experience and improve its parameters, such as separation or landing.
- Compete on more than 90 trampolines (and soon on the following) in the career mode and unlock new objects and countries, and invest a lot of money earned in the way of advanced overalls, skis and helmets!
- Train before every tournament, check yourself in different conditions - and fight!
- Compete with your friends in multiplayer modes! Play a few people on one phone, and soon also via Facebook!

Feel yourself like a spectator of this live broadcast from the ski jumping tournament thanks to carefully executed graphics, an extended physics system and realistic sound design! Perfect game to pass the time before the start of the Winter Olympic Games!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher