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Becker derby: Endless baseball

Becker derby: Endless baseball

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The description of Becker derby: Endless baseball

Yo Nomads! Let me tweet at you real quick.

@regalSeagull197 coming at you with the hot details on Becker Derby! It's one slick universe and the void's got it's grip on it.

You're in control of the Star Shifter, or as as you may call it...a baseball bat. With it, you'll face up against Becker College's one and only Hank the Hawk.

-My dude throws the craziest gravity warped pitches, it feels super familiar...
-Stack up enough homeruns and you'll probably jump through space and time into a voided universe, just use your instincts!
-If you can last the void's pressure you'll be granted some wicked void powers.
-Take an in-game selfie and share it with your friends.
-Track your stats, get the top of the leaderboards, and discover all of the secrets (achievements).

......Dang, transmission is breaking up. Hang tight till the Homerunners come!"

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 3.0 and higher

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