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Call of Heroes: Defense Zombies

Call of Heroes: Defense Zombies

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Call of Heroes: Defense Zombies

The description of Call of Heroes: Defense Zombies

Welcome to Call of Heroes: Join the ranks of millions of players around the world, enhance strength, develop alliances, formulate tactics, and participate in epic League Battles!

Attack and defend the enemy with your brains in this epic combat strategy game. Arrange the defensive formation cleverly, set up the defensive traps secretly, lure the enemy in depth, and defeat them all at once. Set up the offensive lineup, call on superheroes, seize the opportunity to use super weapons, and win the battle.

#Game Features#
● Form a League: Join a League of fellow players or start your own and invite friends.
● League War: Fight in League Wars with allies as a team against other players across the globe.
● Tower Defense: Upgrade the base, unlock technology, train the army, arrange the array, and defend the enemy's attack.
● Hero Play Method: Upgrade the hero, equip weapons, unlock artifact, match the lineup, and attack the opponent's castle.
● Zombie Play Method: Consolidate the defense of the base and resist the attacking of zombies. Capture zombies, train them, and make them fight for you.
● Tactical Strategy: Use different arms, super weapons and superheroes, try various combinations, verify various unique tactics, and break through the defensive lines of enemies.
● Competition and Challenge: Tap the extraordinary talent potential of each superhero, and form the appropriate hero team to meet the challenges.

#Contact Us#
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Version: 4.1+