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Clash & Defense

Clash & Defense

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Clash & Defense
Clash & Defense
Clash & Defense

The description of Clash & Defense

Clash & Defense is a terrific strategy combines the best of the genre such as turn-based strategy, Tower Defense, RPG and others. Here you can set up a kingdom, which you have to defend the same! Hordes of monsters, wizards and other creatures you want to overthrow the throne! Prevent this by educating their heroes, endowed with unprecedented force to this day!
Enjoy a long and exciting company Clash & Defense. You are waiting for a lot of interesting quests and daily quests! By the end of the story, you can control the whole empire!
Clash & Defense like you more than any other Clash - Strategy, Tower Defense and RPG. Develop the ability of the heroes! Build new buildings! Upgrade your equipment and produce the best swords and bows all over the world! Leaderboard games will help you to compare their forces with other players in real time. The best magicians, warriors, knights, monsters, and archers ready to make you a great ruler!
Clash & Defense definitely take place in the ranks of your favorite games on Android!

Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3.3 and higher