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Galaxy conqueror: Star heroes wars

Galaxy conqueror: Star heroes wars

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Galaxy conqueror: Star heroes wars
Galaxy conqueror: Star heroes wars
Galaxy conqueror: Star heroes wars

The description of Galaxy conqueror: Star heroes wars

Do you like playing games in the war with the planets to defeat your opponent? If so, this game is the best Star Wars game for mobile devices and represents the ultimate strategic strategy of space war, your favorite simulator game of battle is just one click, let's move on to this amazing war game on the first line and start fighting now FREE download the best battle strategy in the world!

Your military strength is preparing to fight, building a planetary military command center, recruiting and training your army, summoning your own war heroes such as Doom Warriors Gran, Axos Superhero and Pandas! Heroes, such as Heroes, Heroes of the Galaxy, must be created by Star Trek athletics, strategically planning your defense, participating in epic commanders of the battle and directing your troops to victory throughout the world of world war, creating your own Galaxy Empire!


- Visual impact and excitement of the Star Trek Sci-fi series of games.
- Create a new unique strategy game, create alliances, joint attacks, joint defense, Star Trek, the king of strategy.
- Use tactics to determine the result, conquer the universe by force, pamper your desires, free your ambitions, condemn and kill.


- Heroes: each character has unique and unique skills, hiring them separately on different battlefields, playing a unique role

- Hornets fighter: air-to-ground combat units, mechanical units

- Direct training to strengthen weapons in the game in battle, such as the musketeer, shooter and "ninja!".

- Freely released fighters, armor. Use different heroes to release medics and mine detection skills to disrupt the defense of the enemy.

- Create your Stargazer using a machine-gun, laser tower, electromagnetic tower, rocket tower (empty), landmines and more than 30 scalable protections.

Protect your base from the attacks of other players. Arming and upgrading your walls, placing and designing your walls to get around well-planned enemy attacks!

- Through the portal of the Alliance and friends together to form the Star Alliance, each of which supports various armor and weapons.

- Plan your time properly to welcome interstellar visitors up to 12 times a day, accessing various resources, including hematopoiesis (increased blood count of heroes), accelerators (speed increase) and engineers.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.2 and higher