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Airfort: Battle of pirate ships

Airfort: Battle of pirate ships

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Airfort: Battle of pirate ships
Airfort: Battle of pirate ships
Airfort: Battle of pirate ships

The description of Airfort: Battle of pirate ships

The real-time strategy (RTS), in which you will build and defend a pirate base. Fight in the epic battles of flying ships, develop your strategy of battle!


- Manage a large number of ships in battle;
- Destroy enemy ships with a volley of side guns;
- Fight in spectacular battles of pirates, on flying ships. Similar to cannon ships of the 17th century, but driven by steam engines;
- Create a powerful defense base on the flying island, the fortification and pumping cannons;
- Set up with your friends a grand battle of dozens of ships;
- Beautiful three-dimensional effects in high resolution;
- Compete for the first place in the ranking with friends and other players;


- Develop your battle strategy, using several types of pirate ships;
- Capture the enemy's base behind the building until the whole island is yours;
- Capture gold coins and improve the defense base, building towers, tents, bunkers and guns;
- Collect pirates into teams to build more flying ships and capture in the epic battle the enemy base;

In the post-apocalyptic world, where water is more expensive than gold, where sandstorms are raging, the land has turned into a desert where there is no rain, you will have to fight in unceasing wars for life, power and land.

As a result of the anomaly, the earth's crust was torn to shreds, flying islands were formed. Little gravity allowed to move huge ships through the air. Ships as a driving force used water vapor, which is produced by large steam engines inside ships. Water has become an important resource, as it is required for peaceful life and for war. For water there is a constant struggle between groups of people called "Pirates". These flying islands are constantly shaking the epic battles of huge steam ships. Show your skills as a strategist, take the first line of the rating in this insane world of steam ships.

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Version: Android 4.1 and higher