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King of defense: The last defender

King of defense: The last defender

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King of defense: The last defender
King of defense: The last defender
King of defense: The last defender

The description of King of defense: The last defender

The dark power emanating from the dark hell threatens the beautiful world. They attack throughout the kingdom, from beautiful forests and mountains to hot deserts and cold places of ice. They, who with their magic and cruelty appear everywhere. The worlds, in turn, invade, as well as your kingdom. You use your own tactics to protect your kingdom. Monsters with magical powers can easily invade the earth. You should have a sensible tactic, combined with the heroes, to stop them. You use magic to win the celebration from magic and evil. You will prepare a better strategy and prepare yourself to fight the brutal monsters in order to protect your kingdom.
King of defense_The Last Defender is a tactical card game. With this type of goalkeeper's game, the skill of the players is very important. You should have good tactical thinking, capable of management and good military control. Besides, you also need to understand your strengths and enemies to make the right decision and stop the attack of every enemy.
King of Defense_The Last Defender will be developed on the basis of the classic genre of tactical protection with creative, which bring exciting impressions to the supporters of the defense game. One of the biggest differences from classic defense games is the creation of a gun turret. Gun turrets can be stacked according to the tactics of the player. Towers bows, tower soldiers, magic towers and gun turrets are stacked together to create a strong defense together.
The peculiarity of stacking weapons on top of each other is a feature of increasing tactical accuracy in defense games of King of defense_The Last Defender. This feature allows the player who ponders the choice of the gun turret according to each world. The gun turret system is modernized and is characterized for each type of tower.
With the gun turret system Warrior Tower, Archer Tower, Cannon Tower, Wizard tower, each type of gun turret with different characteristics and characteristics can overcome various types of monsters. In addition, each gun turret is updated to 3 levels and has a special function that gives you the best strategy to win the enemy in the goalkeeper's battle.
System heroes
Fairos (Holy Bow): The Holy Bow has the skills of absolute accuracy and the ability to simultaneously fire several arrows. Especially when the concentrated force, it can shoot arrows (arrow of a dragon) with great force.
Master Brow: Possession of perfect combat skills with swords. Special skill: instant move.
Sewan: Use of a fighting spear. Special Skill: Transformation into a giant form with increased power many times.
Old Warriors: For many wars, no one remembers their real name, they call it "old warriors". Possessing exceptional strength. Special Skill: Create shields to protect yourself and all your allies.
Cercle: The church is a chimpanzee with a lot of magic, attacking the enemy with a ball, causing lightning.
Demon Krat: The embodiment of power, the protector of the kingdom. He uses the ax as a weapon. Special Skill: An accumulation of destructive force on weapons, attacking enemies with immense power.
Heroic systems have special abilities that will make the game attractive. The player controls the hero along with the strategy of building the gun turret to create a defensive position that inevitably prevents aggressive attacks by invaders.

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