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The odfather: Family dynasty

The odfather: Family dynasty

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The odfather: Family dynasty
The odfather: Family dynasty
The odfather: Family dynasty

The description of The odfather: Family dynasty

For the first time in history, the Godfather came out in the mobile game format. This is a secret story about money, power and corruption. In 1945, Don Vito Corleone called you to become his right hand and join the notorious underworld. Being the second person after the Godfather, it is YOU that will deal with the dirty deeds of Corleone and fight for the honor and respect of the most influential family in New York.

But it will be very difficult. With the growth of wealth and influence, unfortunately, the list of your sworn enemies will grow. Watch your empire carefully, since even the most reliable ally can betray you. When the war begins, you will need threats, strength and wit to protect your property and your honor. Hire the capo and properly train them, for your revenge must be terrible.

Every respected boss needs a mansion. Having established complete control in your area, you must find profitable ways to increase your resources and accumulate wealth. Blood is expensive, but if necessary, be prepared to engage in a deadly battle. Keep your friends close, and the enemies even closer - you never know who will decide to use your information for your own personal interests.

Can you remain faithful to your godfather? Having sworn allegiance to the Don, you can not retreat. Do not forget: nothing personal, just business.

Buona Fortuna!


Build a palace worthy of the Don. Learn to manage your luxurious estate under the direct guidance of the godfather - Vito Corleone.

Mobilize your team. Secure yourself by hiring kapos and soldiers to "sort out" any misunderstandings and spy on unreliable rival families.

Get powerful friends. If you help the allies, they will also do you a favor someday. After all, richer than anyone who has more influential friends.

Put down the gun, take the cannoli. Successfully complete the tasks and receive a generous reward. Upgrade buildings and equipment, develop skills and improve weapons. Make profitable investments and turn financial fraud.

Declare war. Protect your territory and declare war on the rival families to seize their property and accumulate huge wealth.

Become a legend. Become one of the "authorities" in the Corleone family.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher

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