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Geometry defense: Infinite

Geometry defense: Infinite

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Geometry defense: Infinite
Geometry defense: Infinite
Geometry defense: Infinite

The description of Geometry defense: Infinite

At first glance, "Geometric Protection: Infinity" is a classic game in the genre of "Tower Defense", where you need to build a maze in order to slow the offensive of enemies, and the towers - to destroy them. However, this is a fascinating action, requiring concentration and testing your skills in performing tasks. Use a large set of strategies to defeat the geometric enemies: poison them with mucus, melt with lasers, burn, shoot or freeze!

Attention! In this game, DO NOT relax: in addition to placing the towers, you also need to actively act to stop the geometric enemies! Towers can cope with simple enemies, but there are opposing forces that need to be considered, otherwise, your base will be destroyed.

There is still hope: constantly improve the turrets, abilities and parameters of the player in the research laboratory to cope with stronger and more powerful enemies.

What are you waiting for? Download this game in the genre of "Tower Defense" right now and save the solar system from evil!

★ 14 towers - with 3 levels and 2 opportunities for improvement.
★ 6 items - different types of damage and statuses.
★ 8 player abilities - to destroy enemies that have overcome your line of defense.
★ 10 unique enemies - for battles and destruction.
★ 3 boss - test your skills in dealing with particular enemies.
★ Research laboratory - with a lot of opportunities for improvement, almost all indicators can be improved.
★ Integration with game services Google Play - more than 50 achievements and 7 ratings.
★ Save to cloud storage - backup, synchronize and save on all devices.

Game Modes
★ Campaign - more than 50 stages with 3 levels of difficulty to choose from. Release the planets and get abilities that can be used in all game modes. Earn up to 5 stars per level to unlock more bonuses.
★ Infinite mission - endless gradually growing waves of enemies with different configurations, created with the help of procedural generation.

The game is actively supported, and I plan to create even more opportunities in the future to make this game the best in the genre of "Tower Defense". Please share your feedback!

Most of the changes are made directly in accordance with the feedback. Please share your opinion with us! Send your comments to [email protected] or through the reviews section. Thank you!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.2 and higher