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The description of Z Max

A new combat strategy "Z Max" has been released! Survival in the post-apocalyptic world of zombies! For the entrance into the game you can get a city of 10! Helicopter Defender and high-class heroes can be obtained for the mark in the game!

This story occurred in 2049. Due to the leakage of nuclear matter at the nuclear power plant, many people were exposed to radioactive contamination and turned into zombies. Mankind has been challenged!
To survive, people began to kill each other for the water. The world turned into hell!
The world is in chaos. Whoever has arms and resources in his hands, he rules this world! Challenge the fate?

Features of the game
SLG simulator combines elements of strategy and role-playing game. You will not only erect buildings and develop military affairs, but also create helicopters and bellows of the apocalypse. In addition to the traditional siege of cities, the game provides for such gameplay as: exercises in the arena, the path of rage, the struggle for the fort, the battle for the state, etc. You have to unite with players around the world, hold an alliance, grow plants on a botanical basis, etc.

Description of gameplay and functions
** Online translation system **
The online translation system supports a large number of languages, which allows you to overcome the language barrier

** Helicopter control **
Have fun controlling the helicopter and destroying the zombies.

** World map **
Players around the world are fighting zombies, seizing resources and fighting for the bastion of the day of judgment.

** World level **
The level of the world is changing after the rise in the level of the city, this allows you to balance the forces in the game.

Expand the territory of the alliance and destroy the bosses.
Collect resources together with allies to increase production.

Increase the level of the city to immediately receive soldiers.
With large losses in combat, you can call for reinforcements to get a large number of auxiliary resources for free.

** Fights without losses **
Fight for a place in the ranking with rivals around the world.
In the fighting in the arena, the army does not suffer any losses.

** Summon Heroes **
Raise the rating of the heroes to strengthen the troops.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher