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Robot war: Survival age

Robot war: Survival age

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Robot war: Survival age
Robot war: Survival age
Robot war: Survival age

The description of Robot war: Survival age

It’s 2076 on earth and the world is ruled by multinational corporations. Natural resources have diminished, other planets are being colonized and the war between robots has begun. Immerse yourself in the RPG world of ROBOT WARS.

Prepare your ROBOT ARMY and BATTLE against other mechanical armies to gain victory. Explore the different robot classes and take advantage of their UNIQUE SKILLS. Exploit strategy and guard your team with defender robots with healing skills and shields of protection, and attack from afar with catapults, launch strikes and jump invasions. Don’t let enemy corporations conquer your lands and steal your territories!

Upgrade and level your skills to evolve your team and inflict greater POWER and damage on your OPPONENTS to create an unstoppable intergalactic force. Gain and enhance more robots as you win missions to become the major force on earth and the most powerful mechanical army in the universe.

Use your STRATEGY TACTICS to decide how many of your team to move and whether you will strategize an aggressive attack battle plan or focus on distance and defense. The choice is yours but will you defeat the enemy and cross the galaxy to overthrow other planets in the universe? Download Robot Wars now to find out if your robot army is up to the challenge.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher