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Dice drawl: Captain's league

Dice drawl: Captain's league

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Dice drawl: Captain's league
Dice drawl: Captain's league
Dice drawl: Captain's league

The description of Dice drawl: Captain's league

In Dice Brawl, you will create your own team consisting of a captain, a ship and 5 sailors who will go with you to adventure, to a fantasy world where Pirates, Elves, Beasts, dragons and ... Robots ?!

The rules of the game are very simple:
Move around in a circle on the game board, set up fortresses that can attack your opponent or build fortresses that can restore your health. Use the skills of the crew that can damage the enemy's strategies and help you win the battle! With each victory you will receive points of "Glory". Glory will help you get through the many different themed Gameboards filled with different creatures living in a very strange world. The higher your Glory, the better your prizes. But be careful, there is no room for the weak! So, how famous is the Captain you can be?

● PvP battles with players from around the world in the real world.
● Collect new ships and characters, create your own team.
● Build and improve your crew to make it stronger.
● Explore the huge fictional world run by Pirates, Elves, Dragons, Beasts, Robots and other strange creatures.
● Complete all Game Boards with your own style of play.
● Fight with unique bosses, apply a combo and knock out your opponents to get special medals.
● Use a unique strategy to dominate the Game Board and get out of a difficult position by the winner.

Dice Brawl: The Captains League is a free application, but it contains in-game purchases. For a comfortable game, you need a permanent internet connection.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.2 and higher