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Rhombus legends

Rhombus legends

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Rhombus legends
Rhombus legends
Rhombus legends

The description of Rhombus legends

Welcome to Rhombus: Legends - the world of card battles and fantasy!

In the world of magic and magic, there is a war between the four influential factions for domination. Join one of the parties: the cunning mystics - the masters of the wind, the brutal alchemists - the followers of fire, the refined elves - the defenders of the earth or the skillful magicians - the adepts of the water. A unique three-dimensional battle system on different battlefields will not let you get bored and will always present opportunities for tactical revenge.

Collect and improve dozens of maps of fighters, spells and weapons. Paste new maps and learn their unique special skills. Develop your kingdom and acquire useful structures. Open unique golden boosters, giving an indisputable advantage in any fight. Look for treasures on the World Map or fight bosses.

Attention! You need an internet connection to play.

● Join the clan and cover your comrades in combat.
● Fight in real time with opponents from all over the world for trophies and rating.
● Become a master of position fighting and offensive tactics.
● Collect a powerful element deck, gluing cards together and improving the ones that you already have.
● Blow up enemies and win the gold needed to develop your kingdom.
● Develop the kingdom and build unique buildings.
● Open special skills of cards, giving different tactical advantages in combat.
● Explore an unlimited world in search of treasure or special trials.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher