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Sea battle: Nemesis

Sea battle: Nemesis

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Sea battle: Nemesis
Sea battle: Nemesis
Sea battle: Nemesis

The description of Sea battle: Nemesis

There are a lot of sea battle games in the market, but there is only one "SeaBattle:Nemesis".This game uses the realistic and wireframe styles in combat to switch each other, giving the game a unique experience.
Combining the elements of a traditional board game with the possibilities offered by the latest technology, this stunning sea battle game will bring you the gorgeous 3D graphics and thrilling gaming experience with a host of new features. In the game, you will have a powerful arsenal, including warships, destroyers, bombers, deep-water bombs, 88 mm artillery, radar and so on. Put your battleships on battles of different sizes and try to use the bomber to mass-rig a blockbuster to sink an opponent's battleship! How to put different battleships, bomber and the 88 artillery and so on a specific location, completely defeat opponent 's fleet, test the player's military talent in the sea battle!.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher