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Legend of defense

Legend of defense

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Legend of defense
Legend of defense
Legend of defense

The description of Legend of defense

Legend of Defense is a revolutionary classic defense game packed with action and strategy for players of all ages!
As an online td, my King, you can search and recruit allies from Norse and Roman mythology, explore mystical lands full of monsters and beasts, defend your impregnable towers by crushing fierce invaders, team up with your friends to experience exciting gameplay and more. Play free now and create your own legend!

Game Features
** 100 Legendary Heroes of All Era
- Recruit and team up with legendary heroes from all eras of history and ancient western mythology.

** 40 Incredible Levels in Mystical World
- Adventure through the rich storyline while seeking world domination in this castle defense game
- Two difficulty modes, normal and heroic, for different gaming experience

** Tower Defense and PvP
- Face-paced tower defence game actions backed up by deploying strategies and three additional skills
- PvP against other real players and become the Champion of Coliseum

**Collect, Enhance and Upgrade
- Strengthen your heroes for battle with weapons, mounts, and charms
- Upgrade and evolve heroes to withstand enemy hordes
- Enhance hero equipment for maximum destruction

**Team up
- Join a guild, battle demi-gods, and collect resources to march your way to the top
- Raid team instance, summon Early Gods and kill them for loots

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 3.0 and higher