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Assault corps 2

Assault corps 2

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Assault corps 2
Assault corps 2
Assault corps 2

The description of Assault corps 2

Assault corps 2 - control different combat machinery during great battles against powerful enemies. Win using the capabilities of unique machinery. Become an experienced commander and show your tactics skills in this addictive Android game. Freely move the camera and look at the battle field from different sides to estimate the situation. Control tanks, combat robots and other combat machinery. Each type of machinery has strong and weak sides, as well as unique weapons. Apply the right weapons according to the situation in order to win.

Game features:

Different game modes
18 types of combat machinery
11 large maps
Battles against other players

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .xapk
Size:[100.5 MB]