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Mad Rocket: Fog of War - New Boom Strategy!

Mad Rocket: Fog of War - New Boom Strategy!

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Mad Rocket: Fog of War - New Boom Strategy!

The description of Mad Rocket: Fog of War - New Boom Strategy!

Welcome to Mad Rocket: come with a new BOOM strategy!
Dark Fog is covering the base, we can’t locate their defenses. We need completely different plans to battle against the enemies!

Destroy enemy bases that are hidden under the fog and to build an ultimate base that no one can penetrate in this epic combat strategy game.

But don't worry. Highly explosive Rocket Missile and Aircraft are carry out your strategy against hidden defenses. Fight against the unpredictable defense strategies of them.

Forget the old.
It’s time to plan completely different strategies!
Boom-Boom Rocket!

- Use the fog of war to your advantage with covert tactics!
- Compete with players worldwide... raid and loot other bases in this huge MMO!
- Plan unique attacks with countless combinations of Aircraft, Rocket Missiles, and Ground Troops!
- Design your own unique base layout and lie in wait to ambush other players!
- Collect futuristic weapons with multiple levels of upgrades!
- Test your strategies in the campaign mode!
- Climb the tiers for great rewards in the ranking season!
- Join a mighty clan!


FB: http://www.facebook.com/Madrocketgame
Twitter: http://twitter.com/madrocketgame
YT: http://www.youtube.com/c/madrocketfogofwar
Homepage: http://madrocketgame.com
WIKI: http://madrocket.wikia.com/


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