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Zombie Chess 2020

Zombie Chess 2020

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Zombie Chess 2020

The description of Zombie Chess 2020

Please if you have suggestions about the game. Type in comments. It will help us develop the game in upcoming releases. Thanks in advance
Zombies are destroying the city! - Prepared for the fierce battles between the special
squad heroes and ferocious zombies in most addictive defense zombie game.
Use your skill and intelligence to lead your special squad team to defeat all the ferocious
zombies to save the city.
Each unit of the special squad heroes team have different characteristics, for example:
Sniper have big damage, long range but low-speed attack, less health. Double Pistol have
normal damage, but higher speed attack, more powerful when upgraded.
Also, there are many types of zombies, each zombie also have different characteristics and
ability, for example, Mad Zombie have very hight move speed, attack speed, but less health
and have a very ability is you can not freeze this zombie. Freeze Zombie have very hight
health, but lower move speed and attack speed and have a very terrible ability, this zombie
can freeze the unit.
Besides the special squad heroes team, you can also use many awesome skills in defeating
the zombies -Bomb, Freezing, Heavy Rocket ...etc

Write in the comments if you want to see the new part.
Also, Add your suggestions for the development of upcoming releases
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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up