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Kingdom Of Stone Age and Tower Defense

Kingdom Of Stone Age and Tower Defense

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Kingdom Of Stone Age and Tower Defense

The description of Kingdom Of Stone Age and Tower Defense

Kingdom of Stone Age is a free Real Time Tower Defense TD (Tower Defense) game.

Get ready and defend your kingdom against the waves of the attackers! But not enough! Take the sword into your own hands and expand your kingdom! Use your hero to find new allies (mercenaries) against the majority of enemies!

This action-loaded sword adventure with many defense challenges (tower defense) of your protective wall!

Upgrade your Hero / Gladiator, your soldiers and your defenses to survive! Fight for your kingdom! Get the horses ready and sharpen the spears! Your opponents are getting stronger! It sounds the war horn for a brutal fight. Your kingdom is ready for epic tower defense battles. Find your strategy to progress in this tower defense (TD) game!

Features of Tower Defense - Game (Tower Defense, TD)

Fight, conquer new territories / colonies, protect your wall, unlock new weapons, defend and expand your kingdom, upgrade your defenses, unlock more soldiers, unlock new generals, increase your level to become stronger, search for mercenaries, saddles the horses, kill all the enemies, attack the fortresses of the opponents, lead your army as a commander in real time strategy game through your kingdom, improve your hero, unlock more defenses like towers

Game Instructions

Choose your soldiers and go to battle. Send more soldiers into the fight. Try to survive and win. Make sure your defensive wall does not break in the onslaught of enemies. Keep an eye on your warriors. Use the defense towers and let the slaughter horn sound to strengthen your units in the short term. Upgrade / Improve your defense, heroes and warriors / soldiers. Conquer new colonies. Think about a good strategy!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+